Our Wild Sea Women winter challenge begins once again in January 2022.

100% of the profits made from donations will go into making our community and beaches a safer place to dip. Collaborating with Red Sky Foundation

Our Wild Winter Women Challenge is about committing a chosen amount of time each week (or month depending on the selected level) to not only dip or swim in a natural body of cold water, but to mindfully connect with nature too.

What’s involved?

You have 4 choices – please choose the one which you believe will be most suited (achievable) to you and your ability.

Between the 1st November 2021 and the 31st March 2022 you will commit to one of the following numbers of dips per week.

CHILLED QUEEN –  1 dip per week

SNOW QUEEN – 2-3 dips per week

ICE QUEEN – 3-4 dips per week

BLIZZARD QUEEN – 5 dips per week

Once you have paid your £2.22 admission fee, you will be sent a link to donate any sponsors to Red Sky Foundation. You’ll also be invited to our Wild Winter Women Telegram group (similar to whatsapp but allows more members) where you are welcome to post your dip photos as well as share stories, tips and support one another.

At the end of the challenge, we will pick a participant from each group who will receive a prize.


How long does my dip/swim need to be?

There is no minimum time, whether it’s 10 seconds or 10 minutes, do what you are conditioned to do. Listen to your body.

I’ve ever dipped before, can I take part?

Yes, but please read/watch the safety information here.

I have a health condition – can I take part?

We cannot give medical advice so please check with your GP before taking part.

What if I can’t manage to take a dip some weeks?

We understand that sometimes we can’t make it to the beach or that conditions may be dangerous, in which case you can take a cold shower or cold bath instead. If your immune system is lower than usual then we do not recommend cold water therapy during this time.

Cold showers and cold baths are acceptable too.

Can men join this challenge?

Absolutely but they must sign up and not have any issues being a queen for a few month 😉

I don’t have anyone to do this challenge with me, what do you suggest?

Firstly, never dip alone, why not ask a friend or family member if they’d be up for going along with you, even if it’s to sit on the dry land and watch you. Alternatively, you will probably find others to dip with once you join the Telegram groups. If not let us know and we’ll offer more advice.

How can I log my dips?

We recommend you buy yourself a notepad or journal and use this to keep a log of your dips; what the weather conditions were like, and maybe how long you stayed in, whether you wore a wetsuit/gloves/boots or went in with just a bikini (or less), this is your challenge, we invite you to commit to the level you choose and make it your own personal challenge too, i.e. if you’d prefer to challenge yourself to swim rather than dip then by all means go for it.

Read more FAQ’s about dipping here

What to take with you to your dip.

    • Swimwear
    • Dry/Tow Bag – these tie to your waist and are handy to keep your clothes/valuables in such as keys
    • Towel or dryrobe
    • A large bag (Ikea bags are ideal)
    • warm clothes – plenty of loose layers
    • A warm hat
    • A flask cup with a warm drink (caffeine Free)
    • Hot Water Bottle (2 ideally to place under the arm pits).
    • A waterproof cover for your phone

All participants enter the water at their own risk. We advise to stay in the water 1-3min max if this is your first time (even if you feel like you could stay in longer, the challenge will come once you come out of the sea).

We never recommend going out deeper than thigh deep – simply go in and just dip, please remember to respect the water.

Please do not do go into cold water if you feel unwell or if your immune system is lower than normal.


For more safety information and tips click here

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Please be aware that some of the paid for sessions are open to men too – email us at for more information. 

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