Winter Challenge

❄️☃️Are you joining our challenge this winter? ☃️❄️

“Challenge your limits”



This year there are 3 entry levels;

Snow Zone – 2 dips per week

Chill Zone – 4 dips per week

Blizzard Zone – 6 dips per week

(Cold dips can include dipping in the sea, river, lake etc but also includes taking a cold shower, cold bath or going into a cold plunge pool). 


After a great success last year (and raising money to purchase life saving equipment for our beaches), and seeing so many of you continue with your dips throughout those challenging winter months was absolutely amazing. And we’ve been asked to do it again to help keep you motivated, and so this year we have joined forces with our bros – Iceguys 🥳

This year we’ve also made it a little shorter as we believe the most challenging months to keep dipping are December, January and February BUT our Facebook accountability group opens on the 31st October, where we’ll be easing ourselves into the cold for the whole of November (if you miss this bit don’t worry).


A little bit about us

Wild Sea Women & Iceguys are community interest companies. We formed in the middle of 2020 during lockdown, and it was our intention that many women & men could benefit greatly from not only the benefits of the cold water for their body and mind, but also to connect with other women and men in a safe and supportive environment.


Our groups have grown to over 11,000 members, spanning from many beaches around England & Scotland, and are ran by an amazing team of volunteers, all whom without their help, we could not continue to offer all that we offer.


We welcome women & men from all walks of life, and everyone who joins our sessions are there for their own reasons, whether this is to help with their mental or physical health or to simply connect and feel supported in the company of other likeminded people.


Although cold water dipping has many health benefits, it’s also classed as an extreme sport and so comes with its risks too, it is therefore important that you follow all of our safety guidelines & suggestions and only participate if you are fit and well to do so. Please check with your GP if you are unsure.

This year all profits made will go back into our community interest companies. Not many will see all of the work which goes on behind the scenes and so this helps to keep things running and offer more free services to you, our wonderful community.

Deliberate Cold Exposure Benefits 

  • boosts the immune system
  • activates brown fat (burns white fat)
  • improves cardiovascular health
  • Increases dopamine (increased motivation)
  • Activates endorphins
  • increases energy & focus
  • Strengthens and calms the mind


Which one will you join?

Only you can decide. If you are new to cold water dipping then we suggest starting with Snow Zone. If you feel like you want to increase then you can move up a level the next month at no extra cost. This is your challenge and we want you to get the best of it for you.

Snow Zone – 2 dips per week – sign up to Snow Zone 

Chill Zone – 4 dips per week – sign up to Chill Zone

Blizzard Zone – 6 dips per week – sign up to Blizzard Zone

At the end of the challenge, you’ll be invited to our end of challenge beach party celebration (the beach event will be free to everyone who takes part in the challenge).

What’s involved?

You’ll challenge yourself to take a cold water dip between 2 – 6 dips per week depending on which zone pass you purchase (Snow, Chill or Blizzard).

The challenge will begin on 1st December 2022 and end on 28th feb 2023.

If you’re new to cold exposure, you can follow our suggested protocol for preparing your body for the cold (this will be sent to you after you have signed up.


How long does my dip/swim need to be?

There is no minimum time, whether it’s 10 seconds or 10 minutes, do what you are conditioned to do. Listen to your body.

I’ve never dipped before, can I take part?

Yes, but please ensure you build your cold exposure time gradually and read/watch the safety information here

I don’t live next to the beach, any suggestions?

We recommend looking for open water dippers/swimmers in your area, alternatively try a cold shower or bath

Can we create a sponsor form and raise money?

Yes, you’ll be sent a sponsor form and you’re welcome to raise money for your favourite cause.

I have a health condition – can I take part?

We cannot give medical advice so please check with your GP before taking part.

What if I miss a dip one week?

We’re aware that sometimes the weather or sea/river/lake conditions may be unsafe. In this case you may take a cold shower/bath or even go out for a 20min walk wearing fewer layers e.g. bare your legs and wear shorts OR bare your arms and wear a t-shirt.

Can men join this challenge?

Absolutely, this challenge is specifically for both men and women.

How do I log my dips?

We recommend either buying a nice notepad/journal and keeping a note. We’ll send some suggestions of what types of information to write in your journal once you sign up. 

You could also use your phone notes app or calendar to keep log.

Do we need to prove that we have dipped?

No, if you cheat, the only person you are cheating is yourself ☺️

Read more FAQ’s about dipping, safety, what to bring, wear etc here

Once you have completed the challenge on the 28th Feb 2023, you’ll receive a medal and will be invited along to our beach celebration party in March.

You’ll also receive a Wild ice Winter Challenge Pom Pom Hat (which we aim to have with you before the challenge start date (1st Dec 22)

You’ll be invited into our Pop-up facebook group where you can find support, accountability and a place to share photos and inspiration.

What to take with you to your dip.

    • Swimwear
    • Dry/Tow Bag – these tie to your waist and are handy to keep your clothes/valuables in such as keys
    • Towel or drying robe
    • A large bag (Ikea bags are ideal)
    • warm clothes – plenty of loose layers
    • A warm hat
    • A flask cup with a warm drink (caffeine Free, our fav is Cacao)
    • Hot Water Bottle (2 ideally to place under the arm pits).
    • A waterproof cover for your phone

All participants enter the water at their own risk. We advise to stay in the water 1-3min max if this is your first time (even if you feel like you could stay in longer, the challenge will come once you come out of the sea).

We never recommend going out deeper than thigh deep – simply go in and just dip, please remember to respect the water.

Never dip alone, either have someone with you to watch or dip with a friend.

Please do not do go into cold water if you feel unwell or if your immune system is lower than normal.

For more safety information and tips click here


If you prefer not to take part but would like offer a donation, then please use the below donate button. We greatly appreciate any donations however big or small.

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