Let Water Be Thy Medicine

Let Water Be Thy Medicine

There’s a reason why many of us are attracted and even fascinated with being near or in water. Water gives us this strong sense of wellbeing. When we’re out in nature in the presence of water, all of the usual noise in the mind just switches off, making room for new information and ideas to flow.

When we’re near water, emotional changes happen, thought files reassemble, this is because our vision and auditory stimulus is simplified, all we see is water, the sky and perhaps the rays of the sun, maybe a few birds or a boat. We hear flowing water, the waves of the sea, birdsong. We enter into this meditative state without any effort, it’s no surprise that we are called back there often.

Along with the mental benefits, water gives our body relief, the water hold us, embraces us, even our brain can rest and our mind begins to wander into new realms, we tap into the creative brain, where new ideas flow, solutions to long seated questions and problems may suddenly appear – be open to receive them and make a note of them as soon as you come out of the water, as it’s very likely you’ll forget about any messages and inspirations you received.

Even the downside is an upside, meaning the water is addictive, but what better addiction to have than that of water.

The more you visit the water, the more you will a desire to protect it, you’ll feel inspired to pick litter out of the water or the beach, because we want to see and feel the beauty of this magical element. Share this passion with your family and friends. Especially encourage those close to you who are over worked, stressed out or possibly even close to burn out. The water restores us and brings balance to our body and mind.

If our governments, leaders, (in fact everybody) took the time to go and connect with water out in nature, then our world would be running in a much more healthier, peaceful and compassionate way than it is now.

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