How do you spend your time?

How do you spend your time?

We have all the stuff and gadgets – to make our life easier,

That’s what the ad said… right?

All intended to give us time,

Phones, Apps, PCs, even our banking:

All set up to protect us against crime.


We watch, skip and mindlessly scroll,

Peer and squint at the small screen,

Craning our necks, hunching our shoulders and backs,

Can we not see we’re paying an expensive health price?

And it’s taking its toll.


Does this stuff actually deliver it’s promised gift?

I wonder… we have become so time poor,

Our time bank reserves dwindle by the day,

Spending its value without thought,

A digital exchange of our most precious asset,

Leaving us destitute of peace, stillness, unclear of our way.


And so here’s a thought for you –

Just because everyone else is doing it – do you have to?

Controversial, eh?

What if you dared to be different?

What if you stopped spending on social media?

What if you looked up? Looked outwards into your world?

It’s waiting for you…


So put down your tech for a moment and think – what would you do?

If you claimed a refund on your spent time?

What could you do?

Be open to endless other possibilities,

See your own potential,

Be present with your loved ones,

Notice the clouds,

A leaf falls before you, from that magnificent tree,

Feel the wind and rain,

Hear the sea…

You could talk, walk or be still,


So switch it off, put the tech down,

Never mind that fearful frown… trust me,

Your body, mind and spirit will thank you,

As you uncurl your shoulders you open your heart,

Notice how much easier it is to breathe in and out.


The Wise Woman whispered to me, “Your balance in your time bank will grow,”

I nodded as she said –

“This is something you already deeply know…”


WSW Leader – Joy Coutts

Copy-editor, Proofreader and Writer


A Missing Mother is Joy’s first novel and is available now at Bookbaby Bookstore


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