How Do You Sea My Mental health

How Do You Sea My Mental health

“How do you ‘Sea’ my Mental Health

By ‘Tense’-ticles the Octopus 🐙 by Helen Wardropper

When life throws you the obstacles 

You simply can’t ignore 

Your choice is first to reason

Or throw down to the floor

You simply were just living 

Your simple happy life

When trouble came along your way

And threw you into strife

But what is the trouble?

My dear wife said 

Its hard to explain- a sort of pain

But only in my head

You cannot see this invisible force 

That consumes my little head

I withdraw from you- my lobster friends 

And retreat to my sea bed

I lie alone 

With just my ink

As days go on 

I start to stink

I just can’t face the world today

Or open up, just like a flower

Can’t even get up myself 

Or even have a shower

I don’t want to eat 

Or to drink 

Like a shipwrecked vessel

I start to sink

My seafriends think I’m just being rude

When I decline all invitation

Do they know how bad I feel?

Such a taboo revelation

Then one day, a good old friend 

A seaside investment banker

Saw my strife, and my poor wife

And threw me quite the anchor

” I ‘sea’ what this is!”

He declared rather loud

You’re ill my friend 

And rather too proud!

Your mental health has declined 

And you need some interaction 

Let me help, right away! 

If only just a fraction

One day at a time 

He said kindly, as he brought a shell of tea

The problem with your pain, my friend

Is that no one else can see

So let’s change that for you and all 

Get important conversations started

And as quick as he came

My dear old friend departed

I’M NOT OK !!! 

I declared to my wife, the lovely Crabby Claire 

Don’t worry Tenseticles, you’re not alone 

I will always be there

And so I began to share my fear

My pain, my hurt, my enigma

Poor mental health IS REAL you see 

Now let’s surf against the stigma

Helen Wardropper ( Fun Memory Creator) For Mental Health Awareness 2020”

Written so beautifully from the heart of a grieving mother 💙

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