Finding Stillness in Chaos

Finding Stillness in Chaos

Last Friday we did our first Beach & Breathe session at Seaburn – we were tested, but everyone did brilliantly at switching off from so many distractions – to name a few, we had a loud group of youths in close proximity, drinking alcohol and throwing a frisbee, then dogs were galloping all over the beach and just to add to the mix, every emergency service possible whizzed past sirens blaring. Thankfully we made it through and were able to go deep into the breathing regardless – and this is what it’s all about. We will always have distractions, annoyances and things that test us, but the learning comes from being able to find stillness within regardless of what’s going on externally.

So how can we do more of this in every day life? What if you’re working from home and there’s the constant barking of a neighbour’s dog? or you’re trying to get your baby to sleep but the older kids are fighting. Obviously it can be very difficult to find peace in such circumstances, but there is always a way and like everything in life, it can take practice – practice makes progress.

Begin by noticing whatever emotion is beginning to stir within you, whether this is anger or even rage, and acknowledge that the emotion is there and even notice how you are breathing with this emotion, simply by noticing the emotion begins to dilute it’s intensity, because at that moment you have become present, and you are now in a position to choose your next action, rather than it being a ‘re-action’. At this point you may choose to calm down your breath – focus more on the exhalation, prolong it or even hum on the out breath. Begin to practice this throughout the day, just keep coming back to yourself and to your emotions and breathe with them, notice them and you’ll begin to notice yourself not reacting in the way you probably always have done in the past.

So acknowledge those emotions, greet them with a smile (if you can) and breathe. And remind yourself always that ‘This too shall pass’.

P.S. we also encountered a storm – thunder and lightening just as we were getting out of the sea 😅 here is a vid of our dip, the sky was amazing and the waves, so much fun 😆


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